Harry Potter - genre 

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  • Harry Potter - genre
    • High production values
      • high key lighting
        • lighting also used to portray good/evil charachters
    • wide distribution
      • exhibited mainly in multiplex cinemas
    • escapism as a key marketing appeal
    • hyper real, idealised representations
    • iconography
      • magical land
      • supernatural elements
      • mystical creatures
      • wands
      • swords
      • spells
    • convergence and synergy- computer games , merchendising, forums and internet sites.
    • set in a make believe realm and the real world. Alice and wonderland, Narnia- other fantasy films that incorparate this
    • younger target audience although significant older appeal
    • use of CGI
    • good vs evil
    • Fantasy films- usually involving magic, supernatural events, make believe creatures or exotic fantasy worlds
    • dramatic uneasy music


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