AJD 1940-1975

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  • AJD 1940-1975
    • 1940s
      • KATHERINE DUNHAM - 'Black ballet'. Her choreography combined balletic jumps, leg extensions, and lifts with pulsating torsos and undulating spines.
        • Had her own technique and rekindled interest in black jazz dance that was not mistrelsy.
      • COLE inspired MATTOX, ROBBINS and FOSSE.
        • He is known for explosive leaps from crouch, runs, direction changes, leaps and isolations.
          • JACK COLE -  'Father of Jazz Dance' - trained lots of dancers in his jazz technique as there was demand for dancers for Hollywood movie musicals.
      • GENE KELLY moved from Busby Berkeley style to new cinematic effects: animation / animated characters (Anchors Aweigh, 1944), Montages (On The Town, 1943), Double exposure (Cover Girl, 1944).
    • 1950s
      • R O B B I N S
    • 1960s
      • GUS GIORDANO - uplifting style emphasising head and torso and incorporated grounded movements. elongated neck, isolations, and yoga to relax.
      • LUIGI FACCUITO - His style incorporated the whole body, lyrical quality (ballet training). Recovered from a serious car accident by using dance as a means of physical therapy - exercises at the barre, then in centre.
    • 1970s
      • Movie musicals valued e.g. A Chorus Line (1975, Michael Bennett). Won a Tony Award - more popular than Chicago
      • F O S S E
        • Chicago (1975)
          • Angular,  inverted limbs, hunched posture, sensual, blank faces, use of props (cane, long gloves, hat; to hide his insecurities).


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