Audience - Harry Potter 

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  • Audience - Harry Potter
    • appeal
      • Aplauded for its ability to appeal to all different age groups + sexes p
      • Action - appeals to a teenage audience who have grown up with the film
      • Many of the audience started of as kids, as did the actors
      • watercooler effect
    • already had a pre-established audience due to the books
    • Responses
      • nominated for 41 awards won 10
      • Many critics loved it but sad as its the begining of the end
      • some people to thought the dance between harry and hermoine was not needed and uncomfortable, it also dosent conform to the books
      • David Cameron more films like harry potter should be made
      • oppostional reading - too scary for children
      • Religious people like it, religious themes incorparated
      • Female audience feel posotive about it, hermoine stong + independant woman
    • Targeting
      • harry potter fans worldwide
      • an awaiting fan base- books + films
      • Star markting Daniel radcliff emma watson David yates julie walter helen le bonhem carter
      • fans of the fantasy genre
      • fans of J.K Rowling
      • franchise fans
    • debates
      • was it religious wasnt it?
      • court cases
      • fundamentalist ministers burning books
    • positioning
      • Idolise harry ron + hermoine as they attempt to save the world
      • sympathise - Ron leaves the trio & hermoine as she erases her parents memory
      • positioned to wish them success
      • dislike vodermort
        • close ups, low-key lighiting soundtrack
      • aspirational another world we want to tap into
        • uses and gratifications - escapism
      • love the trio as a family, veiwers have grown up with them
  • Aplauded for its ability to appeal to all different age groups + sexes p


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