Hard Engineering: Isle of Wight

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  • Hard Engineering: Isle of Wight
    • Seaview
      • 550m concreate sea wall fronted by a revetment. Nature reserve developed on landward side of sea wall.
      • £4.7million, completed in 2004
    • Freshwater
      • Scheme devised to stabilise the clifftop, by anchoring the top of the cliff face chalk.
      • Cost £750,000, and protects a main road only 11m from the cliff edge.
    • Monk's Bay
      • Constructed an offshore breakwater, six rock groynes and a revetment using 25.000 of granite.
      • £1.4 million, completed 1992.
      • Beach nourishment, reprofiling of slope and installing land drainage.
      • Has helped prevent mass movement although groyne sedimentationhas caused issues.
    • Castlehaven
      • 500m rock revetment to protect Reeth Bay cliffs. Extension of drainage pipes and siphon drains.
      • Cost £6.2 million, completed 2004.
      • Has helped to reduce groundwater/surface water levels, which has reduced landslide occurences.
    • Wheeler's Bay
      • 15,000 tonnes of granite placed seawards of the existing defences to form a revetment and coastal slope regraded, drainage installed.
      • Cost £1.6 million, completed 2000.
      • Protected numerous properties from a renewed landslide risk.
    • Seagrove Bay
      • As part of hold the line policy, new concreate sea wall with 200m of rock revetment to dissipate wave energy.
      • Rock groynes and land drainage to reduce mass movement
      • £1 million completed in 2000


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