Hard Engineering

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  • Hard Engineering
    • sea wall: These are the most obvious defensive methods. They are giant walls that span an entire coastline to attempt to reduce erosion and prevent flooding in the process.
    • RipRap: These are stones or rocks that are placed against the base of the cliff. They are similar to Gabions but aren't bound in a mesh. This makes them look more slightly appealing as they blend into the environment better however, the rocks are susceptible to being moved by the sea.
    • Breakwaters: These are offshore concrete walls that break incoming waves out at sea so that their erosive power is reduced when they reach the coast.
    • Groynes- Are low lying wooden walls that extend out to sea. The idea of groynes is to capture sand that moves down the beach via long shore drift and they help to build up a beach in front of an area experiencing coastal erosion.
    • Gabions- These are quite simply bundles of rock in a metal mesh. They are placed at the base of the cliff in attempt to reduce the impact of waves on the cliff and prevent the cliff from undercutting.
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