Growth of tourism

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  • Growth of tourism
    • Benefits
      • Physical
        • encourages conservation
        • encourages control of pollution
        • encourages coastal and river protection
        • searching for developments and new resources
      • economic
        • creation of employment
        • increased investment in infrastructure
        • increased demand for local farm produce
        • demand for craft industries
        • earns foreign currency
        • reduces rural to urban migration
        • can lead and focus development due to growth pole and multiplier effects
      • Social
        • improved education to meet needs of tourists
        • improved health services
        • traditional cultures preserved
        • development of foreign language skils
        • introduces new ideas and expectations
    • problems
      • physical
        • construction destroys natural habitat and beauty
        • many types of pollution Eg noise, sound sight, air.
        • destruction of wildlife Eg breeding
        • loss of surface and ground water for swimming pools and golf courses etc
        • resource depletion
        • soil erosion and footpath erosion
      • economic
        • increased imports
        • rise in prices
        • economic leakage
        • low paid seasonal jobs
        • urban coastal sprawl
        • traffic congestion
        • cost of infrastructure
      • social
        • moral corruption eg crime
        • increased inequalities
        • loss of traditional culture
        • loss of housing to tourist and second homes


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