Human Rights Act

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  • Human Rights Act
    • Recent controversial rulings
      • March 2017 - The EU’s highest court this week held that employers are entitled to ban religious symbols in the workplace, including the Islamic headscarf.
        • Two Muslim women, Ms Achbita and Ms Bougnaoui ,  claimed to have been victims of discrimination after they were dismissed for refusing to comply with their employers’ stipulations that they not wear the Islamic headscarf.
          • Some have criticised the ruling as a restriction on freedom of religion and expression, which may also lead to inevitable discrimination
      • 2012, after many legal battles, Costa Rica was ordered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) to enact legislation enabling IVF -- against the will of its legislature and Supreme Court
    • Recent ruling that went against gov agenda
      • DEB -  will ramp up the prison sentences for  copyright infringers who choose to do their copyright infringement online.
        • The proposed new rule could be in conflict with both European Union and European human rights law
    • Where it came from
      • 1998 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom which received Royal Assent on 9 November 1998, and mostly came into force on 2 October 2000. Its aim was to incorporate into UK law the rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights.
    • What it contains
      • A UK law passed in 1998. It means that you can defend your rights in the UK courts and that public organisations (including the Government, the Police and local councils) must treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity and respect.
    • How it affects UK politics
      • requires the UK government to explain how all proposed new laws are compatible with our human rights, and existing laws to be interpreted to respect them as far as possible. If they get that wrong, you can challenge their decision in a UK court.


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