Why do people believe in God?

This mind map contains a number of reasons why people might believe in God.

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  • Why people may believe in God
    • They can’t explain the existence or origin of something
    • The universe seems too complex, too ordered, too beautiful, to have appeared naturally
    • They've been educated that way.
    • They  feel that your faith in something greater than yourself and it  gives their life purpose and meaning
    • If they feel they have  “felt” the presence / touch of God
    • They find it comforting to believe that someone is taking care of them.
    • They’re afraid of death, and want to believe that it’s not the end, that they simply go to a better place
    • They may have had a unusual experience/ seen a miricle
    • The example of another believer or believers inspiredthem
    • Other believers were there for them when they needed it
    • They like the sense of community that comes from belonging to a church.
    • While reading the Bible, something made them believe.


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