Consequences of Globalisation

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  • Globalisation consequences - China and The Gambia
    • China
      • "winner" of globalisation because of it's recent economic development
      • Lots of natural resources e.g coal, oil, gas which China use to fuel the industrial development of the country
      • Workers in the county are willing to work hard both in education and employment
      • China's GNP rose from $620 to $1700 by 2005
      • millions of workers are not treated fairly by their employees being made to work long hours wihtout pay for up to 2 months
      • workers live in appaling conditions with open roofs to allow light and air in
    • The Gambia
      • "Loser country" as it is poorly connected to the rest of the world and lacks physical and human resources
      • GNP per capita has dropped from $320 to $290
      • Approximately 75% of people depend on crops and lifestock for their livelihood
      • Dependent on aid for any developnment
      • Has around 39 hotels so it is trying to improve tourism and spread some of their culture
      • The girls scholarhsip programme established in 2001 enrolled girls from poor households into schools
    • Definition of Globalisation
      • Gloabalisation is linked with the many ways in which places and people are becoming more closely linked
      • The process by which people, cultures, money, goods and information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers


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