Globalisation and politics

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  • Globalisation and Politics
    • Governing the world
      • defining political globalisation
        • 1. demise (end) of the nation state- Ohmae 1996
          • the state is still there but its ability to regulate key aspects that shape our lives are outside of its power- e.g. economy
          • Wilson- dream of having a global system of collective security under international organisation- the League of Nations (Steger 2015)
            • This idea was realised in 1945 founding of UN- serves as a catalyst for extension of political activities across national borders- undermines principle of national sovereignty/ nation state
          • Hyperglobalists see that globalisation inevitably involves the decline of bounded territory as a concept for understanding political and social change
            • political power is located in global social formations and expressed through global networks rather than territorial based states- becoming increasingly irrelevant (steger 2015)
          • challenges to the nation state
            • Global challenges require global solutions e.g. climate change, regulations of the financial markets
            • international Human Rights- international community has the right and responsibility to intervene- applies to everyone everywhere
              • Young, apposes authority and assumes state has complete control on what is happening in its borders
            • the way we engage with the world is increasingly not mediated by the state- link between global and local, the nation state no longer have monopoly on how we engage with the world
          • Forms of state sovereignty
            • westphalian sovereignty-one state should not interfere with the territory of another, Declaration of human rights is an attack on this- however an idea that is driving brexit
            • recognition sovereignty- nation states recognise one another as representatives of populations in international negations-EU
            • Border sovereignty-nation states control their borders- increase in borders over 20th century , growth in walls- acts as a benchmark to which a state can claim its sovereignty
            • Are we witnessing the end of a nation state or is it a re working of national sovereignty- different types of sovereignty are affected in different ways by globalistion
        • 2. the emergence of global governance
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