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Culture definition
A system of shared meanings and values often based around religion, language and ethnic identity
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Evidence of culture working
Tangible: architecture, arts, texts, fashion Intangible: ideas, political systems, language and social values e.g. music
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Who defines
Influenced and defined by power relations --> dominant group and subcultures
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Dynamic and not static 'no such thing as Japanese culture'
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Oinks the landscape to identities - recording select human and physical features deemed to be of importance
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Effect of mapping
A particular way of thinking, classifying and representing the world due to (de-)emphasising
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Use of maps
Naturalise certain views or caims, power to represent and power to resist, making people feel in place or out of place
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Sense of place
People-environment interaction - sense of attachment, belonging and identity
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Locale failire to elicit a sense of affinity - no special relationship
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1974 Yi-Fu Yuan - People's love of place and their perceptions, attitudes and values - ways people feel in place
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Methids hgihlighted in Topophilia
Public symbols - visual prominence and symbolic significance Fields of care - intimate and meaningful interactions with certain objects
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Why does a sense of place develop (2)
1) human instinct - biological instinct for territory, safety and belonging 2) Acquired over time through prolonged contact and habits
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Cultural globalisation
increase in volume, speed and geographical scale of transnational interactions - does this lead to homogenisation or local resilience
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Local culture is not easily homogenised - globalisation takes more of a glocalisation role - interconnecting global and local processes
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Approaches to cultural globalisation (1)
Export/diffusion of 'superior' culture - modernisation/development or cultural imperialism e.g. popular culture, 24 hour day, calendar
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Approaches to cultural globsaliation (2)
Rejection of global culture - difference in thinking and aresillience to any western imperialism - assumes cultural sameness
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Approaches of cultiral globalisation (3)
Hybridisation of culture - Influence and influenced - interconnectedness challenged the unidirectional westernistion view
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Evidence of culture working


Tangible: architecture, arts, texts, fashion Intangible: ideas, political systems, language and social values e.g. music

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Who defines


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