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  • Globalisation
    • Globalisation refers to the growing interdependence of societies around the world with the global spread of the same culture, consumer and economic interests
    • Increase in cultural imperialism
      • When one culture or religion dominates the cultural outputs of other regions
    • Our global economic system is dominated by transnational companies, which control the production and distribution of goods
    • 9/10 of the top media companies are based in the US.
    • New media globalisation has led to a merge of popular and high culture
      • New media makes high culture available to all
    • High culture products are increasingly being into popular culture products and sold
    • FLEW
      • New media has a role to play in globalised pop culture
      • Globalisation undermines national and local cultures
      • Barriers have been broken down between high and pop culture
        • TV shows, music, movies, sports and consumer goods are now shared all around the world
    • RITZER
      • Companies and brands now operate on a global scale
      • It is now possible to but identical food products anywhere in  the world, weakening local cultures


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