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  • Globalisation
    • Defining Globalisation
      • Modelski
        • Globalisation us a historical process that is characterised by a growing engagement between peoples in all corners of the globe
      • Kennedy and Cohen
        • The increasing interconnectedness and interdependency of the world's nations and their people into a single global economic, political and cultural system
    • The causes of Globalisation
      • Cohen and Kennedy
        • Globalisation needs to be understood as 'a set of mutually reinforcing transformations' around the world
          • Advances in mass communications and computer technology
          • The nature of economic and financial markets has changed
          • Globalised culture
          • Reflexive Modernisation
            • Beck
              • The world increasingly shares the same problems on a global scale
            • Giddens
              • The world increasingly shares the same problems on a global scale
      • Reflexive Modernisation
        • Beck
          • Giddens
        • The nature and extent of Globalisation
          • Cultural globalisation
            • The rapid movement of ideas, attitudes, meanings values and cultural products across national borders,
            • Mckay
              • The amount of TV sets in Africa has dramatically and rapidly increased
          • Political Globalisation
            • Led to the rise of global social justice movements
          • Economic globalisation
            • Global economies are dominated by the IMF and World Bank
        • Global Risks
          • Drug-traficking
          • Terrorism
          • Ecological disasters
        • Theories of globalisation
          • Globalist theories of globalisation
            • Hyper-globalism
              • Globalisation will eventually lead to positive results
              • Sen
                • Globalisation represents hope for all humanity
                  • Produce a universal techno-scientific culture that will liberate people from poverty
            • Pessimistic globalism
              • Chang
                • World Bank, IMF and the WTO exist to subjugate the developing countries into adopting free-trade policies in order to receive loans
              • Globalisation is a form of Western Imperialism
          • Marxist/Radical theories of globalisation
            • World systems theory
              • Assessing World systems theory
                • It is guilty of economic reductionism
                • Assumes economy is driving all aspects of society
              • Wallerstein
                • Globalisation has always been an important part of the way capitalism organises itself
          • Transformationist and postmodernist theories of globalisation
            • Global media is responsible for diffusing  different cultural styles throughout the world
            • Agree the impact of Globalisation is exaggerated, but  believes it is foolish to fully reject the idea of globalisation


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