Global tourism

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  • Global tourism
    • Benefits
      • Cultural
        • People learn first hand about the cultures of new countries and lean learn to appreciate difference.
        • Local authorities realize the potential in their business and invest in them further
        • Tourism provides funding to preserve and conserve cultural heriatge
      • Social
        • Tourism can spread the knowledge of different celebrations that are celebrated in the countries.
        • Raises the country's profile in a global standard.
        • Reduces poverty through hiring local people for jobs.
        • It allows cultural heritage
      • Economic
        • Tourism  brings many job opportunities so there will be a higher employment rate
        • There is an increased spending of money into the economy.
        • Diversify's the economy and allows it to have another way of income to support the country.
        • Brings opportunities for entrepreneurs to venture into new
    • Drawbacks
      • Cultural
        • Undermines culture by commercializing
        • Tourists have different cultures and principals which contrast with the native population.
        • Foreigners tend to have different perceptions to what the local community is accustomed to.
      • Social
        • Some houses areas are turned into tourist destinations which affects the residents in those areas.
        • Crime rates, which are usually caused by immigrants, affect the country's image
        • The needs of locals are often neglected because the countries main focus is tourism.
      • Economic
        • Many people are paid the minimum wage and in non law abiding countries they may even pay below the the minimum wage.
        • Tourist  companies may be owned by foreign companies o profits will be taken overseas.
        • Tourism jobs are seasonal, as a result business is not 'existent' in the off season.




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