Global Tourism

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  • Global Tourism
    • Benefits
      • Economic
        • Huge amounts of money brought into the country's economy
        • Local employment opportunities
          • The workers spend money on their local community
        • Governments improve infrastructure
        • New facilities are brought in for tourists, which can also be used by locals
        • Encourages areas to preserve their wildlife and urban areas
        • More tax money for the governments to spend on developing health and education facilities
        • Better quality of life for local people
      • Social
        • Source of pride for local communities
          • Allows local communities to maintain their traditions and cultures
            • Allows tourists to look at the country's history
            • Saves many heritage sites from being destroyed
        • Allows tourists to look at the country's history
      • Cultural
        • Encourages people to get an education
          • New businesses being set up
    • Problems
      • Economic
        • Jobs are seasonal and the working conditions are often poor.
        • Incomes are low
        • Tourist development may be owned by foreign companies so the profits are take abroad
        • Roads and other infrastructure may become damaged
        • Tourists developments could use scarce resources
        • The country may become so dependant on tour ism that they neglect other forms of income
          • Can leave the country to economic ruin
            • The country can be vulnerable to political upheaval
              • The tourism drops drastically in the country
      • Cultural
        • Local businesses cannot compete with large cooperations
        • Development of land
          • The price of the land rises
            • Locals are not able to afford it
          • Damage to landscape
        • Tourist behaviour may disrespect the local cultures and traditions
        • Local can get envious of the luxuries that the tourists have.
          • Which can lead to theft
        • The culture and tradition of the area may become "westernised"
      • Social
        • There could be tension among the tourists and the locals
        • Traffic congestion and pollution
        • Not all parts of a country are visited by tourists
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