How To Protect Rainforest's

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Protecting Tropical Rainforest's

  • Creation of National Parks: More National Parks can be created to stop deforestation and loss of biodiversity. National Parks are areas of land protected by government law.
  • Consumer Labelling (FSC): Consumer labelling can ensure that people only buy wood based products that have been taken from a sustainable source. The Forest Stewardship Council lends its label to products produced sustainably.
  • Ecotourism: The promotion of ecotourism gives tropical rainforests and biodiversity an economic value. If the value of tourism is greater than the value of selling trees and wild animals then locals will have the incentive to protect them.
  • Bans on Rainforest Products:There should be trading bans on endangered products from rainforests e.g. animal skins and hardwoods.
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Protecting Tropical Rainforest's

  • Education: Improved global education on the importance of biodiversity and tropical rainforests.
  • Global Initiatives: Global treaties like Kyoto which aim to reduce climate change should include greater protection for tropical rainforests which can actually reduce climate change.
  • Recycling (and reducing and reusing): If we reduce our consumption of wood based products as well as reusing them and recycling them then less trees need to be cut down to make them.
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