Gladstone's domestic reforms  first ministry

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  • Gladstone's domestic reforms
    • 1869  Municipal Franchise Act
      • Allowed women ratepayers to vote in local elections
    • Forster's Education Act 1870
      • This Act was important because it indicated a move away from laissez-faire in government social legislation and acknowledged the role of the State in educating it's children
      • Laid the foundations for Disraeli later on...
        • Set the framework etc
      • There were problems that arose  over the place of religion
    • The University Tests Act 1871
      • Ended the Anglican monopoly of teaching posts in Oxford and Cambridge
        • Opened posts to all suitable candidates whatever their region
          • Pleased Non-conformists but some Anglicans resented their loss of privilege
            • In practice, there was no real change in teaching
    • Trade Union Act 1871
      • Criminal Law Amendment Act
    • PH Act 1872
    • Ballot Act 1872
    • Licensing Act 1872
    • Judicature Act 1873
    • Married Women's Property Act 1870
      • Gave married women legal status + allowed them to keep £200 of their own earnings
        • Before this, many money  made /had automatically became property of her husbands upon marriage


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