Dizzt 1874-80

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  • Benjamin Disraeli 1874-1880
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of social/domestic policy?
      • Sale of food and Drugs Act 1875. Stopped adulteration of food. won w/c support.
      • The Conspiracy and protection of property Act. Allowed trade unions to strike. won w/c support.
      • The Public Health Act 1875. made it compulsory local authority duty to insure adequate water supply, drainage and sewage.
      • Sandons Education Act 1876. School attendance committees set up, parents responsibility to send kids to school. Committees could help those to poor to go to school but this was not compulsory.
      • The Employers and Workmen Act 1876. Put Employees and Employers on equal legal footing.
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of foreign policy?
      • Congress of Berlin 1878. Disraeli dominated congress with his vitality and personality. Bulgaria split into 3, Britain occupied Cyprus, left us in strong position in Mediterranean. Russia was stopped and British interests had been safe guarded.
      • Empress of India 1876. Staved off Russian intention and showed Britain intended to stay.
      • Zulu War 1879. Sir Henry Bartle Frere well known expansionist given strict orders not to start a war, did anyway. Chelmsford, who earlier suffered a crushing defeat beat the Zulus. Disraeli had to take responsibility and came under criticism, especially from Liberals.
      • Second Afghan war 1878-1880. wanted Afghan as a buffer to state to protect from Russia. Russian military in afghan driven out by Roberts against Disraelis orders Sher Ali - leader of afghan was driven out and son Mohammad Yaqub Khan was placed on throne, signed treaty of friendship.
      • Third Afghan war 1878-1880. Rebel tribesman murdered an entire British mission and Britain needed to re-establish control, Gladstone was left to preside over final stages.
      • Suez canal. purchased suez canal for £4 million, 1793 was worth £24 million. preserved British intrests in Egypt and cut trading routes.
    • What was their policy towards Ireland?
      • Had no understanding of small nations however was not a fan of Home Rule.
    • How Popular was this ministry?
      • Popular with w/c until after 1876 where after no major reform was introduced.
      • Though Foreign policy was mostly strong there was mishandling of the Zulus and afghan wars meaning potentially unnecessary loss of British life.
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry being elected?
      • Gladstones failures in social reform and foreign policies and the splits in the Liberal party.
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry ending?
      • 61 Irish Home rule MPs played a spoiler role. Rise in unemployment from 1% to 11% in 1879.
      • First taste of Foreign competition led to Agricultural depression, cheap North American Corn
    • What were the overriding priorities for this ministry? did they achieve their aims?
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