Getting in and out of cells

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  • Getting in and out of cells
    • Smelly particles spread through the air (diffusion)
    • the closer to the source the stronger the smell (because of higher concentration the closer you are)
    • Gas molecules diffuse quickly
    • When a soluble substance is put in water the particles of the substance diffuse
    • During diffusion particles move around and collide with one another...this spread them out
    • clumped particles = high concentration
    • Spread out particles = low concentration
    • As particles spread out more in water the concentration equals out
    • A difference in concentration between two areas = concentration gradient
    • If difference in concentration is great diffusuion will occur rapidly!
    • All plant and animal cells have a cell membrane
    • Tiny holes in membrane for diffusion make it a partially permeable membrane (big particles don't fit)
    • If concentration on each side of the memrane is different particles will diffuse through membrane
    • The net movement of particles is from HIGH concentration to LOW concentration
    • Diffusion results in an even distribution either side of cell membrane


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