Cells and cell structure

This revision card will give you the asic infomation, broken down for AQA B2.1.1 (Cells and cell structure). It is useful for learning short notes, however does not eplain.

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Cells and cell structure

. All living things are made up of cells.

. The structure of these cells can differ and some cells may be specilised to a pirticullar function.

. To get in or out of these cells, dissolved substances have to cross the cell membrane.

a) Most human and animal cells have a:

. necleus (controls the activities)

. cytoplasm (controlls the chemical reactions, within the cell ONLY)

. cell membrane controls the passage of dissolved substances in or out of the cell.

. mitrochondria (releases energy through respiration)

. ribosomes (where protein synthesis occurs)

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b) Plants and agal cells have:

. cell wall (holds the cell together giving the plant its turgid form. ONLY found in plant and agal cells, not HUMAN)

. chloroplast (asorbs light energy and turns into food. ONLY found in plant and agal cells)

c) Bacteria cells have:

. cytoplasm


. Cell wall

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d) Yeast ( a singled celled organism) cells have:

. necleus

. cytoplasm

. membrane

. cell wall

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