Germany 1918-45: Life in Nazi Germany

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  • Germany 1918-45: Life in Nazi Germany
    • Setting up the Nazi dictatoship
      • Reichstag Fire: 27 feb 1933
        • Hitler claimed that the fire was part of a communist conspiracy
        • He persuaded Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree, meant that Hitler could target communist leaders and eliminate any political opposition
      • Enabling Act: march 1933
        • Communist Party had been banned
        • July 1933 germany became a single-party state
        • Enabling act gave Hitler more votes, giving him the power to pass laws without consulting the Reichstag
      • Night of Long Knives: June 1934
        • He removed internal opposition
      • death of Hindenburg: august 1934
        • Hitler combined the posts of chancellor and president
        • He now had absolute power in Germany
    • Nazi policies towards
      • Women
        • look after the home and raise family
        • children, Kitchen, church
        • Law of Encouragement of Marriage
        • Lebensborn fountain of life
        • Job discrimination
      • Young
        • Hitler Youth
        • boy: physical fitness and military trainng             girls: domestic training, prepare for roles as mothers and wives
      • Jews
        • nationawide boycott of Jewish and businesses
        • Nuremberg Laws: sep 1935
          • important milestone in the isolation of the Jews
    • Policies to reduce unemployment
      • 1934: Hjalmar Schacht was put in charge of the economy, creating vast buildings( eg: autobahs) providing jobs
      • 1935: Labour Serviceoffered men aged 19-25 six months of compulsory manual work
      • extensive rearment between 1936 and 1939 created hunders of thousands of jobs making munitions for the rapidly growing armed forces


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