Germany 1918-45

Detailed timeline of Germany 1918-45, Development of Dictatorship. Going through the different stages of German history leading up to and including WW2 and Hitler's death.

Does not contain details of the Nazi party until 1933, I have a separate resource with details of the birth of the Nazi party and its growth from 1919 until Hitler is elected chancellor. There was too much information to fit on here too, so sorry about that. There are other small things (changes in schools, for women etc) that are also on their own document.

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German Revolution1918

Getting Started


Economic problems1918-23

Political problems1918-23

Stresemann Era1924-29

Wall Street Crash1929

Nazi's win power.1932-33

Becoming dictatorship1933

Removing opposition1933-34

The Nazi Police State, changes from 1933 onwards.

Jewish Persecution1933-1939


Home Front1939-42


Defeat & Death of Hitler1945


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