Geography globalisation

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  • Globalisation
    • Global interdependace
      • the relationship between two or more countries in trade
    • Wimbledon tennis balls
      • From 1940s to 2002 tennis balls made in Barnsley
      • Save money moved to Bataan for manufacture
      • Dispatched to London
      • The parts come from all around the world
    • transnational corporation
      • A corporation or enterprise that operates in more than one country
    • what has made it possible
      • ideas
        • transport  fast and affordable travel.
        • growth in TNC'S
          • Bp, ford, nestle and sony
          • Make decisions globally rather than nationally
          • Most headquarters in rich developed countries
          • More TNC'S based in Europe biggest ones in USA
        • No tax/tariffs
        • Technology easier to contact each other. Superfast broadband fibre optic-technology
    • Developments in ICT
      • SEA-ME-WE-4+3 28000 KM   of cables connecting Europe and Asia
      • Anglo/German and Japanese venture providing internet connectivity to several countries
    • Describe the main features of a named industrial zone which depends on good global communications
      • T.V audience of 300 million for each race
      • Over 80% of the world market in high performance engineering
      • 700 specialist motorsport companies
      • Sales of around £6 billion of which 60% are exports
      • Leading cluster of high performance engineering and Motorsport companies
      • 2,200 businesses related to design, research and development and event organisation
      • UK's Motorsport valley business community has dominated much of world Motorsport
  • Global interdependace
    • the relationship between two or more countries in trade


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