Gene Technology-B6

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  • Gene Technology
    • Restriction enzymes cut open DNA-leave unpaired bases-act as "sticky ends"
      • Ligase enzymes join DNA strands-sticky ends join by complimentar-y base pairing
    • DNA fingerprinting-good for finding criminals, bad as they assess disease-could withhold life insurance
      • Stages of production: extract DNA sample; fragmenting DNA using restriction enzymes; separate fragments using with electrophores-is; make fragments visible using a radioactive probe
    • Assaying technique: genes added to make bacteria resistant to antibiotics- flooded with antibiotics-grown on nutrient agar containing antibiotic
      • Bacteria that survive are chosen-used to determine whether a bacterium has been taken up by a plasmid
    • DNA loops-plasmids-found in cytoplasm of bacteria, used as vectors for genes
    • Bacteria and insulin-cultured by cloning
      • Cut gene for insulin, open loop of DNA, insert insulin into loop, insert loop into bacteria
    • Achieved using enzymes-cloning produces identical copies
    • Genetic engineering-genetic code is universal: why this is possible
      • Organism that receives gene-transgenic organism
      • Main stages: identify and remove gene, cut open DNA of another organism, insert new gene, make sure it works


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