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Cloning humans for and against
Would be used to counter infertility and or genetic disease.
It is little different from the birth of identical twins.
What is important is how a child is treated after birth.
Preferable to donor eggs and/or sperm for the infertile.
It meets the deep human need to reproduce somehow.
as of May 2001, it may be that the survival rate of embryos (even in IVF) will
rise to 75%.
Cloning would devalue children and treat them as commodities.
It would radically alter what it means to be human we would lose something
vital to the uniqueness of humanity.
It is genetic reductionism.
Fixes the genome and creates genetic throw backs.
Creates family relationship confusion and creates inheritance issues.
Cloning could be used to replace family members who have died in accidents.
the argument that cloning only has a 1% survival rate of cloned eggsImpact
upon the child produced of its origins.
uncertain genetic consequences. (Many of the animal clones so far produced
have genetic and consequent clinical problems)
Arguments for creating designer babies
Some couples are not able to have children because their children will have a
genetic disease and die before they are born or when they are very young.
Techniques used to change the genetic makeup of the embryo allow these
parents to have a child.
If we want the best for our children why shouldn't we design our own babies?
Using genetic techniques we can help prevent certain genetic diseases. This
both saves the children from suffering and reduces the cost and emotional
strain of looking after an ill child. Will this lead to happier children and parents?
Spare part children? In a few cases where parents have had one child with a
serious blood disease, they have used IVF to select embryos so that they can
have a second child that can act as a future, tailormade blood or bone
marrow donor. In these cases when the child is born he or she will be healthy
and can help their older brother or sister stay well.
Arguments against creating designer babies
But is this right? In these cases, parents and doctors are creating a child to
act as an organdonating factory. How will the child feel? The child may feel
that they were only born to be a help to their older brother or sister. Children
should be loved and cherished for themselves and not what they can do for

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These genetic techniques are very expensive. Why should only rich people be
able to eradicate genetic diseases? This could lead to imbalances between rich
and poor people.
Will we breed a race of superhumans who look down on those without genetic
enhancements? Even today people who are born with disabilities face
intolerance. Will discrimination against people already born with disabilities
We could get carried away 'correcting' perfectly healthy babies.…read more

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