World Sociology- Gender inequality

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  • Gender
    • lack of education
      • 2/3 of 960mil are illiterate women
      • Focus on marriage and kids
      • education not priority
    • lack of reproductive rights
      • women can't decide when or quanity
      • males have right to decide
      • cant make decision about abortion or contraception
      • role= mother, dependant on male
    • feminization poverty
      • 70% of 1.5bn women live on <1$ a day
      • denied access to land, credit or inheritance
    • pirdah/burkha
      • Africa- women children make up children casualties/refugees
      • Islamic countries  women cover head to toe
      • prevents active role in political, social and economic life
    • female mutilation
      • 6000 girls a day, gential cutting, ******** removed in africa
      • future mother in law checks the girl before allowing to son to marry her
      • enhances husbands enjoyment
    • dowry burning
      • men burn women alive so they remarry and attract a new dowry
      • Occurs rural india, 5-10 women die a day
    • female infanticide
      • religious stress on male child
      • leads to killing of female child, esp in india/china


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