Julius Caesar Quotes

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  • Quotes from Julius Caesar
    • Power
      • CASSIUS: 'Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world/ Like a Colossus, and we petty men/ Walk under his legs and peep about/ To find ourselves dishonourable graves.' Act 1, Scene 2,
      • CAESAR: 'Hence! Wit thou lift up Olympus?' Act 3, Scene 1,
    • Fate
      • FLAVIUS: 'These growing feathers pluck'd from Caesar's wing/ Will make him fly an ordinary pitch,' Act 1 Scene 1
      • SOOTHSAYER: 'Beware the Ides of March' Act 1, Scene 2,
      • CAESAR: She dream tonight she saw my statue,/ Which, like a fountain with an hundred spouts,/ Did run pure blood, and many lusty Romans/ Cam smiling and did bathe their hands in it.' Act 2, Scene 2,
    • Friendship
      • BRUTUS:' I would not, Cassius; yet I love him well.' Act 1 Scene 2
      • CASCA: O, he sits high in all the people's hearts: And that which would appear offence in us,/ His countenance, like richest alchemy, WIll change to virtue and to worthiness, Act 1, Scene 3,
      • CAESAR: Et tu Brute? Then fall, Caesar. Act 3, Scene 1,
    • Gender
      • CASSIUS: 'Alas he cried 'Give me some drink, Titinius,'/ As a sick girl. Act 1, Scene 2
      • PORTIA: 'I have made strong proof of my constancy,/ Giving myself a voluntary wound/ Here, in the thigh: can I bear that with patience. And not my husband's secrets? Act 2, Scene 1,
      • CAESAR:'How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia!/ I am ashamed I did yield to them. Give me my robe, for I will go. Act 2, Scene 2,


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