exchange of gases in the lungs

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  • gas exchange in humans
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  • features of exchange surfaces
  • gas exchange in the lungs
    • essential features in exchange surfaces
      • a large surface area to volume ratio
        • speed up rate of exchange
      • very thin
        • to keep diffusion pathway short to allow materials to pass rapidly
      • partially permiable
        • to allow selected materials to pass through rapidly
      • movement of environmental medium
        • to maintain diffusion gradient
      • movement of internal medium
        • to maintain diffusion gradient
    • role of the alveoli
      • each alveolus has a network of pulmonary capillaries
        • in them the red blood flattern against the outer lineing of the
      • have rapid diffusion because
        • alveoli and capillaries have large surface area
        • distance between air and red blood cells reduced
        • the blood cells are slowed more time for diffusion
        • thin walls of alveoli and capillaries
        • constant circulation of blood and air


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