gangster molls (pulp fiction)

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  • Gangster Molls
    • dangerous
      • unintentionally puts Vincent in a dangerous situation
      • vulnerable and child-like
        • has the potential to be dangerous
    • usually very trustworthy
      • however, she lures men into danger
        • puts Vincent in danger although it is accidental
      • Mia is manipulative
        • avoids the question and doesnt give Vincent the answer he wants
      • Mia defends Marcellus and doesn't show disloyalty
    • usually the femme fatale
    • often called a 'gun moll'
      • this term became popular in the 1930s
    • the girlfriend of a gang member, stand by him
      • supports the crimes of the gang
      • sexualised and attractive
      • Mia in the restaurant scene with Vincent
        • shows her loyalty by saying the man only shook her hand at the wedding
      • Mia is rarely seen with Marcellus
    • a prominent archetype of film noir
      • Mia is only shown in 7 out of 23 scenes


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