Fight Club motifs

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  • FIGHT CLUB MOTIFS (David Fincher 1999)
    • The colour RED
      • BLOOD
      • Tyler's leather jacket
      • The car Tyler steals at the airport
      • Tyler's sunglasses
    • Homoeroticism/emasculation
      • Jack  straightens Tyler's tie
      • Jack to Tyler after they meet for a drink after his flat's exploded 'we should do this again'
      • Shots of FC members ********** before a fight
      • Jack beating Angel face to pulp (jealousy) (could this also be seen as a reference to the rejection of Christianity?)
      • Jack talks to Tyler as Tyler takes a bath
    • Isolation/Loneliness/Alienation of modern life
      • Marla calling Jack, who she hardly knows, when she's taken an overdose
      • Tyler's house having no neighbours
      • Chloe's dying request to 'get laid'
    • Phallic imagery/ Masculinity
      • Pornographic shots Tyler splices into films
      • Gun in Jack's mouth at start/end of film
    • Christian imagery
      • FC members lifting Tyler up after his beating by bar owner Lou
      • Face of Christ in Jack's tears imprinted on Bob's tshirt
    • Disease
      • Bob's '***** ****'
      • Jack tells Marla 'I want bowl cancer' (wants that support group)
      • Jack - 'what concerns me are... rogaine, viagra  olestra'
      • Marla asking Jack to check her breasts for a lump
    • The Body
      • The opening sequence inside Jack's brain
      • Tyler's job as a projectionist (****)
      • Tyler's job as a waiter (waste products)
      • Tyler's job as a soap salesman (made from lipo fat)
      • Magazine articles Jack reads written from a man's bodily organ's perspective


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