Documentary Critical Quotes

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Film Documentary Quotes

  1. “... documentaries are about real life; they are not real life.” - Patricia Aufderheide in Documentary Film - Encompasses the idea that all documentary are some what dramatised due to the nature of the camera itself, the camera crew ensure that it is never a ‘real life’ occurrence.

  2. “Creative treatment of actuality.” - John Grierson - A key feature within all documentary, it enables a more dramatic story and narrative to be created in order to portray a more cohesive story or to attract audiences.

  3. “There are documentary films that use dramatic structure, reconstructions and the like in order to add to their impact.” - Some documentary employ fictional elements in order to create more of a dramatic ambience for audiences, not only do these features add a sense of drama but some aid the audience’s understanding.

  4. “The distinction between nonfiction film and fiction film cannot be grounded in differences of formal technique, because, when it comes to technique, fiction and nonfiction filmmakers can and do imitate each other.” - Both types of film have a blurred line status, they both share elements but apply these techniques in different manners to the material


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