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  • Fundamentalism
    • Bruce
      • Response to decline in Religion
      • Form of cultural defence
      • Confined to Monothetic religions
      • Globalisation threatens belief and lifestyle
      • West
        • Reaction to change in society
        • New Christian Righ USA
      • Third World
        • Reaction to change from the outside
        • Islamic Revolution
    • Noris and Inglehart
      • Existential security theory
      • Religion declining in Western socities
      • Less risk and life threatening events
      • Low income groups feel less secure
        • More at risk of life threatening events
          • Explains religiosity in Third World
            • Secularisation in West
    • Davey
      • Show highest level of Religious commitment
    • Greeley
      • Shows re-sacrilisation
        • Religious revival world wide
    • Form of religious belief and practice
      • Return back to tradition
        • Literal truth of scriptures
      • Decline in religious belief leads to Social problems
    • Return to certainity
      • Certainty of beliefs and values
    • Return to Community
      • Life in past was more community based
      • Anonymity where there is a lack of connection to others
    • Sanctification of the political
      • Religion heart of society
      • Religious beliefs influence political decisions
    • High level of commitment
      • Demand high level of commitment more than other Religions
    • Giddens
      • Product and reaction to globalisation
        • Undermines traditional society norms and values
    • Critisims
      • Beckford
        • Fixated on Fundamentalism
          • Ignore other developments
        • Giddens lumps all types together
        • Ignores that reinventing tradition is also a modern reflective activity
      • Haynes
        • Should not focus on Isalmic Fundamentalism
          • Middle East conflict caused by faliure of local elites


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