functions of the heart

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  • functions of the heart
    • heart acts as a double pump
    • 1) blood enters atria
      • once full it contracts
        • pushes blood into ventricles
          • through tricuspid & mitral valve
    • 2) once ventricles have filled
      • they contract from bottom upwards
        • forces blood up against tricuspid & mitral valve
          • closes them
    • blood can only leave heart through
      • semilunar valves, pulmonary arteries & aorta
    • once blood leaves left ventricle
      • = relax & start to open again
    • back flow is prevented by semi lunar valves
      • by snapping shut
    • cardiac cycle: coordinated blood flow through the heart
      • takes place 70 times a minute
    • systole: ventricles are contract
    • diastole: ventricles relaxing
    • left ventricle wall is thicker than right
      • right side = less muscular
        • prevents blood from entering lungs under pressure


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