Functions of Political Parties

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  • Functions of Political Parties
    • Representation
      • main function
      • represent the views with the same belief
        • Conservative- right wing
        • Labour- left wing
      • This can be preformed by many individuals or pressure groups
    • Participations
      • parties encourage people to participate
        • this is because they need votes and influence
      • Examples
        • to vote
        • join a party
        • funding
          • Labour upped the price of the membership to £25
            • this played a key part in Corbin's leadership
      • main UK parties have procedures that involve members in selecting candidates
    • Recruiting office holders
      • Recruiting people that the party believe will be a worthy candidate
      • Candidates can learn vital skills as campaigners and orgaisers
      • Example
        • Before the 2015 GE, conservative activists in Thirsk and Malton did not allow, the sitting MPs to stand again
    • Formulating policy
      • Parties create policies that will benefit their audience
      • At a GE they put these proposals before the electorate
      • Manifesto
        • A document that outlines policies
      • Example
        • 2015 GE the conservatives pledged to give access to GP's for 7 days a week
    • Providing government
      • The winning party at a GE becomes the Goverment
      • The Prime minister is not elected by he people
        • They are whoever is the head of the party who wins
          • If the PM loses confidence in his/her party they must leave and give the place to another candidate
      • They use their Manifesto to pass the policies they have pledged


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