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  • Should state funding for political parties be introduced?
    • NO
      • It would reinforce the financial advantage of the two major parties, especially under a FPTP electoral system.
      • It would further increase the disconnect and perceived distance between the parties and ordinary voters.
      • It would move political parties away from being regarded as part of civil society and towards being seen as part of the apparatus of the state.
      • It would diminish belief in the principle that citizens' participation in politics ought to be voluntary.
      • It would lead to objections from citizens who would see their tax money going to parties which they do not only support, but who policies they may strongly oppose.
      • It would allow parties to have a dependable source of income without the need to pursue policies more in tune with the needs and wishes of voters.
      • It would merely reinforce the parties' role in a democracy, which is increasingly seen as something of an anachronism by many voters - especially that now many voters gain their political information not from parties but from the internet and social media.
    • YES
      • It would end parties' dependence on wealthy donors, corporations and labour groups, and thus avoid the perception that such donors are able to buy influence over a party's policies.
      • It would enable parties to better perform their important functions in a democracy - organising opinion, representing the people, creating policy priorities, etc.
      • It would fill the significant gap created by the dramatic decline in party membership.
      • It would lead to greater transparency in party finances.
      • It would help to equalise the financial resources between political parties - especially advantageous to minor parties.
      • It would make it easier to limit spending.
      • It might lead to greater public engagement with parties if funding was linked to turnout at elections.


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