Poltical Parties

Mind Map of the key points of American Political Parties

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  • Political Parties
    • How are the 2 major parties organised?
      • National Committees
      • Congressional Committees
      • State-level Organisations
    • What are the traditions and ideologies of the 2 major parties?
      • Democrats = more liberal than Republicans
      • Prof. Brogan - 'like two bottles with different labels, both empty'
    • Does the USA have a two-party system?
      • YES
        • FPTP makes it difficult for 3rd party candidates
        • 2 major parties are all embracing
        • Protest votes to 3rd parties
      • NO
        • 3rd parties exist and can be very successful e.g. Wallace and Perot
    • Are US parties in a period of decline or renewal?
      • DECLINE
        • Parties lost control over candidate selection for pr
        • Lost function as communicator between politicians and voters
        • TV era = less party-centred and more candidate centred
        • Split-ticket voting
      • RENEWAL
        • Party decline theories exaggerated
        • Parties have regained some control over pr. nominations
        • Brock Reforms
        • Soft Money
        • Increased partisanship
    • What is the role played by 3rd parties?
      • In 5/9 elections between 1968 and 2000 = played an important role in elections
      • Can decide outcome of elections e.g. 2000
      • Often the major parties take their policies


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