AQA Crime and Deviance - Functionalism

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  • Functionalism
    • Durkheim
      • Key Words
      • Key Ideas
      • Agencies
        • Primary; Family - reward and punishment
        • Secondary; Education, Media, Police
      • 6 Positive Functions of Deviance
        • Marking the extremes of behaviour
        • To help reflect the wishes of the population and legitimise social change
        • To strengthen bonds
        • To act as a warning device
        • Provides a safety valve
    • Merton's Strain Theory
      • Key Ideas
        • Deviance - when members of society don't meet their goals through legitimate means - Strain
        • Societies have a set goal that asks its members to achieve - Value Consensus
        • Not achieving goals can lead to anomie (Link to Durkheim)
      • 5 Different Types of Strain's
        • Conformist; Adheres to both means and goals
        • Innovator; Accepts goals, ignores the legitimate means of obtaining them
        • Ritualist; Uses means set by society. lost sight of goal
        • Retreatist; Rejects both goals and means, retreats to their own world
        • Rebel; Rejects both goals and means, create their own
    • Hirschi's Bond's of Attachment
      • Key Ideas
        • He wanted to know why people behaved, not why they committed crimes
        • Humans are rational beings; only turn to crime when the pros outweigh the cons
        • People attach themselves to society, creating social bonds that hold them to society
      • Synoptic Links
        • Most important agency to socialise the individual is the family (potential link to family)
      • 4 Bonds of Attachment
        • Belief; How strongly does the individual believe they should obey norms and values
        • Attachment; Strongly attached to family, less likely to commit crimes, as we will let them down
        • Commitment; Have they got too much to lose if they break the law? Eg; commitment to a job/ family
        • Involvement; How busy a person is, do they have the time?
        • Useful way to remember - BACI - Tobacco - Brown- Chocolate - Hirshci's Chocolate - Hirschi - Bonds of attachment!
  • Deviance begins with society not the individual
    • Key Ideas


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