Functionalism and Functionalism in the Family - Mindmap

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  • Functionalism
    • Structural theory
      • Society influences individuals
    • Consensus theory
      • Society benefits all members equally
    • Organic analogy
      • The human body works in the same way as society. Everyone needs to work together just like everything in the body needs to
    • Functions of social institutions
      • The family
        • primary socialisation
        • Provide support
      • Education
        • To learn the national curriculum
        • secondary socialisation
      • Mass Media
        • Provide role models
        • Give up to date news
      • Religion
        • Provide role models
        • Provide a sense of community
      • The Workplace
        • Tertiary Socialisation
        • Positive & Negative sanctions
      • Healthcare
        • To help or cure people
        • NHS provides equal opportunities
      • Criminal Justice System
        • Negative sanction
        • To protect and safe guard people
    • The Family
      • Murdock (1949)
        • 4 essential functions
          • Reproductive
            • Societies require new members for their physical survival - child bearing generally occurs in marital and family context
          • Sexual
            • Nuclear family functions to regulate sexual behaviour
          • Educational
            • To provide primary socialisation
          • Economic
            • To be financially supportive
      • Parsons (1955)
        • Functional Fit Theory
          • Is the idea that the family and its functions adapt to 'fit' the needs of society in which it is found in
        • 2 essential functions
          • Primary Socialisation
            • The teaching and learning of norms and values that mainly occur in childhood - prepares a child for being an adult in society
            • Saw mothers as playing the major role in the process of nurturing and socialisation in the family
          • The stabilisation of adult personalities
            • Is to provide comfort and emotional support for its adult and to allow adults to indulge in childish behaviour as they play with their children
              • Female role = expressive role
              • Male role = instrumental role


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