functionalism mindmap

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  • functionalism
    • organic analogy
      • body has vital organs society has vital institutions
        • religion
        • government
        • criminal justice system
        • welfare state
        • economy
        • media
        • family
        • education
    • emphasises harmony unity and integration within society
    • functional prerequisites
      • needs for society
      • value consensus collective consciousnes and social solidarity
        • value consensus: agreement among society about what values are important
        • collective conscience: a set of shared beliefs ideas and moral attitudes acting as a unifying force in society
        • must be constantly reinforced so consensus doesn't atrophy
        • social solidarity: the independance between individuals in a society
    • durkheim
      • society based on consensus
      • organic analogy
      • society more important than individuals
    • talcott parsons
      • argues we conform as a result of socialisation
        • social control
    • criticisms
      • assumes all societies work the same way
      • assumes all things in society are positive
    • positive and negative sanctions
      • prevents atrophy of consensus
      • positive = reward negative = punishment


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