free will and determinsim

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  • Free Will and Determinism
    • Libertarians
      • Humans are not free to act and as such are morally responsible for their actions.
      • Rejects determinism because it rejects moral responsibility and argues that we have a sense of freedom to act.
      • Also called incompatibilists- maintain that free will is incompatible with determinism.
        • Don't reject determinism altogether and argue that the innate world is determined but deny that causation applies to human action.
      • Make a distinction between your personality and your moral self.
        • Personality is determined by causal laws and influences.
        • Moral self can counter those tendencies.
      • Philosophers
    • Hard Determinism
      • Humans cannot be morally blameworthy because their actions are determined.
      • Everything in the universe has a cause. This includes all human activity.
      • If we know all events that lead to an action then we theoretically should be able to predict the action.
        • Freedom = an illusion
      • Incompatibile with both free will and moral responsibility.
      • Poses a real threat for morality.
        • What if they couldn't have done anything else?
          • Does it make sense to punish people for their crimes?
      • Philosophers
    • Soft Determinism
      • Some human actions are determined but we still have moral responsi-bility
      • Determinism is compatible with whatever sort of freedom is necessary for moral responsibility.
      • Philosophers
    • Determinism
      • Freedom doesn't exist…everything that happens is determined.
      • There are laws in nature that govern everything.
        • Scientific laws determine all actions we make and every choice is based on what is done before.
          • Free will = an illusion
            • No person responsibility
              • Everything has a prior cause.
      • Philosophers
    • Free Will
      • The ability to choose our own option without any limitations.
      • The ability to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or divine intervention.
    • Predestination


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