Social and Moral Legislation

Why?, Marriage laws, Lex Fufia Caninia, Flex Sentia

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Rome had slipped into a state of debauchery and wished to return to the 'Golden Age of Rome'

Res Gestae - I revived many ancestral models which were falling into disuse in our age

Horace - Fertile in sin our times stained

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Marriage Laws

Lex Julia 18BC

Lex Pappia Poppaea AD9

These laws made adultury a crime.

Marriage and Children were encouraged by rewards and penalties. This included excelerated promotion for men, and increased independant control over their own property for women. 

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Lex Fufia Caninia

Lex Fufia Caninia - This limited the amount of slaves who could be set free. Depite this freedom was still frequent

Freedmen were not full citizens

Flex Sentia - AD 4

Freedmen had to respect their patrons and refrain from bringing legal action against them

When they died they had to leave half their estate to their patron 

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Tacitus - [failed to counter] the current fashion for the childless state by encouraging marriage or the desire to raise a family

Suetonius - [there was] open revolt against several of the clauses

Suetonius - important not to let the native Roman stock be tainted with foreign or servile blood

Horace - The Fathers' decrees on womens's wedlock,//Prosper the marriage law, that it may be//Fruitful of children

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