The Methone Decrees (430/429) + (426)

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  • Methone Decrees (1=430/429 2=426)
    • Cleonymus proposed this notion:
      • 2) (426) "The Methonians are to be allowed to export corn from Byzantium up to the amount of 1,000 medimni a year..."
        • "...and the Hellespontophylakes (Athenian officials controlling shipping through the Hellespont) are not themselves to prevent these exports nor allow anyone else to prevent them, or else they are each to face a fine of 10,000 drachmae."
          • "After they have applied to the Hellespontophylakes, they may export up to the amount fixed, and the ship that transports the corn shall not suffer any penalty."
    • Best evidence for Athens' attempt to make a 'closed sea' of the Aegean, but ensuring that she controlled incoming supplies of food.
    • 1)  (430/429) "The demos voted that the Methonians should pay what was due to the goddess from the tribute which was assessed at the previous Panathenaea, but should otherwise be free from taxes."


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