forms of pollution and their possible solutions to it

pollution takes on serveral forms

               acid rian

acid rain is caused by high levels of carbon emissions and it can damage the buildings, acid rain is also caused by the burning of fossil fuels which changes the oh of teh cliuds so tahtw hen rain falls it is acidic,.

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human waste

human waste can causemajor health problmes if not delat with propoerly human waste can be decribed in many forms such as:

waste produced by humans in teh form of sewage refuse (rubbish put into bins)

and litter (rubish left on the streets)

human escretion is also a form of pollution if not trated properly

discraded litter on the streets have led to teh rat population to grow.

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eutrophication  is the lack of oxygen in rivers killing fish and making water plants to grow, this is caused by fertilisers being washed into streams, sewage  pollution and a lack of trees to soak up the nitrogen. this leads to major helath problems in humans.

radioactive pollution.

nuclear power stations are carbon free but produce nuclear power whcih can have serious consqeunces to human health.

humans drop litter which causes an increase in rats, possible solutions are :

more efficient means of waste disposal

peopel being made to stop dropping litter.

proviidng electricity by wind water etc

stop dropping litter.

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