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  • Frankenstein: Context
    • Enlightenment
      • Intellectual and philosophical movement- Europe- 18th century- faith in human reason to solve the problems of the world and understand the universe
      • Shelley shows enlightenment as self destructive
        • Victor is eager to make scientific discoveries to the point that he defies natural creation with the creation of the creature- his rejection of 'God's natural order' leads to his destruction
          • "Everything is good as it leaves the hands of the author of all things. Everything degenerates in the hands of man"
            • Creature is innately good and noble before human interaction - only the cruelty of man that causes him to become a 'monster'
        • The creature becomes  more miserable and self loathing as well as hateful of his creature, the more he discovers about himself and the world
    • Resurrecting the dead
      • Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned
        • Tales of apparent resurrections from the dead by the Society fed public’s concern that it was impossible to be sure if a person was truly dead and consequently fears of being buried alive grew.
      • Galvanism
    • Religion
      • Islam- considered the antagonistic religion by Brits
        • Safie escapes her 'restrictive' Muslim society and grows in Christian faith




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