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      • Jesus formed one faith and the Church preserved that unity in faith
      • Not a human creation but a divine gift from Christ.
      • The Church is worldwide and does not belong to any one nation or cultural style.
      • Church traces itself back to the Apostles through the line of Bishops and the faith that has been passed down.
      • The Church is Holy, it comes from God and so Catholics cannot remake it and make it say what they want it to.
        • Catholics are guided and formed by the Church, not the other way around.
      • In Christian teachings the Church is frequently describes as one, Holy, Apolistic and Catholic Church.
      • It is stated in the Nicene creed and so is the belief of all Christians.
    • ONE
      • WHY?
        • God is a unity, so his Church must be one.
        • Church has one faith as agreed in the Apostles and Nicene creed.
        • Church acknowledges one Baptism for the forgiveness of Sin.
      • DISAGREE?
        • Many types of Christians, so why would there be one Church?
        • Christians often disagree so there is not the togetherness needed to be one Chuch
      • Christians form one Church united in belief
    • HOLY
      • WHY?
        • God made the Church and so his Chruch is Holy.
        • Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and so it must be Holy.
        • Church brings the sacraments to people to allow them to receive Grace.
      • DISAGREE?
        • Some people do not act in a very Christian way.
        • Church has done bad things in the past, if it was Holy the Church would not have done these.
      • Catholics believe that what Christ gave the Apostles was pure, good and Holy.
      • WHY?
        • Includes people from all over the world.
        • Christian messages are for all people from all over the world.
        • Whereas the old testament was for one race of people, Christianity id for the whole world.
      • DISAGREE?
        • There are still areas of the world where the Church has not and a big impact and so cannot be universal.
      • Catholic means universal, and the Catholic Church includes people from all over the world.
      • SOWA
        • Jesus told his disciples: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28.19)
      • WHY?
        • Founded by the Apostles.
        • Teaches what the Apostles taught.
        • Bishops are the successors of the Apostles
        • The authority of St Peter has been passes down by APOLISTIC TRADITION.
          • APOLISTIC TRADITION:  the first Apostles ordained then ordained others in turn, passing down the authority.
      • DISAGREE?
        • Christians such as Quakers deny there is any one authority to lead the Church.
          • Quakers do not recognise the authority of the Pope or Bishops.
          • They believe we all have a personal connection with God.
        • Allow any believer to receive communion.
        • Oneness of the Church is seen as something spiritual.
        • Oneness is based on Baptism and a belief in Christ
        • Apolistic nature is based on the scripture that came from the Apostles.
        • Apolistic nature is about the Aposltes teachings, scriptures and the line of Bishops that have come from them.
        • Oneness is based on faith as well as Christ. They view agreement on things like the creeds essential aspect of oneness.


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