PY4 - Formation of Relationships

Talking about explanatiosn and evaluating them on the formation of relationships.

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Explanation - 1

Social-Biological explanation for the formation

Based on the evolutionary theory that we are attracted to physical features of the opposite sex. This physical features are down to attraction. We are attracted to women with: Good cheeck bones, small chin, big eyes, glossy hair.  All the features that you would normally associate to a child this is because Men should want to take care of the women as people want to take care of a child.  Men are opposite to be attractive they should not be similar to a child they typical should have: Big jaw line, muscles. This is so the women believe the man is strong and would be easily able to look after her offdspring. Both sexs look to better their offsrping. Eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap.
However attraction can also be down to a simple thing like proximity.  This is how far or how close the person lives to you, a study showed that when looking at marriage certificates most of the lived close to each other. It can come down to the fact of convinence, being closer they aren't far from help. Another study was done on University students the further they went from a persons house the less friendly they were with people.


  • Deterministic, based on evolutionary not including the biological aspects or individual differences
  • Culturally bias, most the studies are based on a weston culture
  • Dated, there is more mobile functions of transport in the modern world since the studies were done. Also there are such things as phones and internet that can stimulate a relationship
  • However does explain why women are attracted to older rich men and why men are attracted to young youthful healthy women
  • Also explains why long distance relationships do not work out all the time.
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