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  • Forgetting - Interference
    • Forgetting is when information can't be retrieved
      • Forgetting information from STM is thought to be down to availability problems, the information has been displaced or faded away due to spontaneous decay
    • Forgetting can also occur due to 'Retrieval Failure' & 'Interference'
    • Interference is where two pieces of information conflict with each other, resulting in forgetting of one or both
    • Interference has been mainly an explanation in long term memory
    • Interference is one explanation for forgetting
    • There are two types of Interference 'Retroactive Interference' 'Proactive Interference'
    • Retroactive Interference is where new information interferes with the ability to recall older information
      • Underwood & Postman carried out a study to support retroactive interference
        • Two groups split in half, both groups given a list of paired words to learn, one of the groups was given a second list where the first word of the pair was the same as the first list, both groups then tested on recall for the 1st list
        • Recall was better for the group with only one list suggesting retroactive inerference had affected the other group
    • Proactive Interference is where older information interferers with the ability to recall new information
      • Postman
        • Looked into study of forgetting over a 24 hour period. Found that if people had previously learnt 15+ words lists during the same experiment, a day later recall of the last word list was 20%, where as if no earlier lists has been recalled, recall was 80%
        • Proactive Interference from the earlier list had affected the participants ability to remember new in-formation


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