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  • Tulving - Forgetting in LTM
    • Tulving compared theories of interference with cue-dependent forgetting
    • Participants were given either 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 lists of 24 words. Each list was divides into 6 categories of 4 words
    • In One condition participants had to recall all the words
    • In another condition participants were given category names and they had to recall words from the list
    • Participants with 1 or 2 lists remembered more than people with many lists suggesting retroactive interference
    • However when the participants were given categories, retroactive interference disappeared and recall was the same for each list
    • Results suggest that interference had not caused forgetting, memories became accessible if a cue was used.
      • Therefore the forgetting shown in the free recall condition was cue-dependant forgetting


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