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  • Forces
    • Weight
      • The force that acts on a body because of gravity.
    • Friction
      • The force that opposes motion.
    • Air Resistance (Drag)
      • Friction between an object and the air (or gas) that it is moving through.
    • Viscous Drag
      • Similar to air resistance but occurs when an object is moving through a liquid.
    • Upthrust
      • The upward force that liquids and gases exert on objects.
    • Magnetic
      • Forces that magnets exert on other magnets or things made of iron.
    • Electrostatic
      • The force between electrically charged objects.
    • Normal Reaction
      • The repulsive force that acts on an object pressing down on another object.
    • Tension
      • In strings, cables, ropes etc. that are being stretched.


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