Newton's Laws

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Newton's Second Law

  • An object will not change its velocity (accelerate/decelerate) unless there is an unbalanced force acting on it.
  • the acceleration/ deceleration depends on the size of the unbalanced force and the mass of the object.
  • on a force diagram, an unbalanced force will be represented by unequal arrows
  • unbalanced force = resultant force

3 Key Points: 

  • bigger force = greater acceleration/ deceleration
  • bigger mass = smaller acceleration
  • to get a big mass to accelerate as fast as a small mass, it needs a bigger force      


F=MA (force = mass x acceleration)

  • acceleration of an object = proportional to the resultant force of an object
  • acceleration of an object is proportional to the mass of an object
  • acceleration of an object increases if resultant force increases, and decreases if mass increases


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